About me


Hi there!

 My name is Beatrice, I come from a little town in Burgundy (France) where I have grown interest about photography since I was a child: my dad being a photographer himself, I have learnt from him all technical and practical aspects of photography going with him to weddings, events, and many photoshoots.

I have then participated to several trainings with different European photographers and my interest for photography grew to the point I decided to make a living of it.

I have always had a bigger attraction for Kids/Babies/Families photography, as I really enjoy the contact with children. This is why I made the decision to focus on that area and become a family portrait photograher.

When I moved to Australia, I fell in love for the country and the lifestyle. I decided I wanted to stay here permanently. Also, I was surprised to discover that people had such an interest for family portraiture.

I started working for an Australian photography company for a couple of years. These years reinforced my experience with children and babies. It also helped me to get more familiar with the Australian culture, and more comfortable with the way of living here. This first professional experience in Australia made me travel all around the country, and I discovered so many beautiful places practising my passion!

I have then decided to establish myself in Sydney, which I believe it is a perfect base to live and work, enjoying the beautiful beaches and weather.

I set up my studio at home, in Double Bay, near the eastern beaches, this gives my clients the opportunity to get their photos done in different locations : my home studio, beaches, or even their own place.

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I hope you can see through this website, the passion and effort I put into my work, and please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more about me and the way I work.

I hope to meet you and your family soon !